Beta Testing: Robotic Secretary

At American Appworks, we’ve developed a significant amount of technology to automate secretarial work. Now, we’re taking it one step further.

Starting today, we are opening our beta testing program to the public for an initiative we lovingly call “Robotic Secretary” or “RoboSec.” Using Natural Language Processing technology, our app allows you to *quickly* track the things you need to track.


Have you ever tried to use your mobile device keep a log of what you did during the day? Or what you ate? Or where you spent money? It quickly becomes tedious and time-consuming.

For example, there a plenty of apps out there to track what you eat. But the number one complaint with all of them is how incredibly time-consuming it is to identify the food and the quantity for each and every thing you eat.

Our app allows you to simply enter text into your device with the keyboard or speech-to-text. Then, while you go about your day, RoboSec parses what you said into metrics you can use.

Try It

If you’re ready to stop wasting time and start improving your life with real data, sign up for our beta testing program.

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