Technology Preview: Mobile Call Recording App

One of the projects we’re working on right now is an app to record calls on both iOS and Android. While this functionality exists in one form or another on Android, iOS on Apple devices has limited users’ ability to record calls, even with the help of an app.

Apple is very protective of users’ privacy. Sometimes that means users cannot do as much with their devices as they might like.

We have developed a method for working around this limitation. In testing, our app makes recorded phone calls and saves a record of each one. This allows users to go back and review them as needed. The pricing model is that users simply pay for what they use. Recorded phone calls cost as little as $0.01 per minute.

The target market for this app is investigators, attorneys, small business owners, those involved in legal disputes, and anyone else who might need to preserve evidence of what was said during a phone call.

Larger organizations have enterprise call recording systems in place. The rest of us – who don’t need to record calls that often – need an ad-hoc solution to record calls on our mobile phones. Our app allows users to simply download the app, enter their payment information, and begin making recorded calls immediately

Join our Beta Testers

This is our call for beta testers! Our beta testing program allows screened users to gain access to a full, working version of our app before it is released to the general public. If you’re interested in adding this functionality to your Android or iOS device, please add your email address below and we will notify you when our next beta release is available. We simply ask that you provide us with feedback on your experience.

Please consult your local laws before recording a phone call. The license terms of this app make it impermissible to use it where recording phone calls is illegal.

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